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The Ombudsman Commission Institutional Strengthening Project (OCISP)

Location/Client: Papua New Guinea/AusAID
Time frame:

From 1997 to 2002, Educo managed an Institutional Strengthening Project for the Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission (OCISP), funded by the Australian Government through AusAID. The OCISP was an AUD 5.7 million project which aimed to improve the Commission's institutional capacity through establishing an outputs-based management system.

As Managing Contractor, Educo designed and implemented the project, working closely with the Commission to: establish a new organizational structure; redefine positions and work practices; and improve systems and processes across the whole organization. This involved assisting the Commission to design, implement and evaluate management and staff training, building the capacity of 90 staff for new positions through seminars, workshops and on-the-job training.

The changes to the Commission have been far-reaching. Staff have taken ownership of the changes, accepted the move to an outputs-based organization, improved their technical knowledge and skills, and gained computer literacy. The Commission is now an effective outputs-based organization, with productivity improvements above 50% and more women in professional roles.

The OCISP is widely regarded as being one of the most successful projects in the PNG public sector, as confirmed by a 2004 AusAID cluster evaluation. It cited the reasons for success as including: a good design; a professional approach by the project team, which had highly-regarded leadership and the capacity to mentor national counterparts in a culturally-sensitive way; and the involvement of the Commission's management throughout design and implementation, which fostered support and local ownership of the project.

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