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Crime Surveys

Location/Client: Papua New Guinea/AusAID
Time frame:
March 2004-present

The Government of PNG has identified the reduction of crime in urban areas to be its first priority in the law and justice sector. To monitor and measure whether reductions were occurring, a periodic community crime survey in urban areas was implemented as part of a performance monitoring framework for the sector.

The primary objectives of the surveys were to:

  • provide information on the levels, extent and types of crime in PNG
  • capture community perceptions of the police and monitor changes in perceptions over time

Community perceptions data are intended to supplement official statistics and provide a fuller and more reliable picture of crime levels and responses to them in the community. The information is intended to assist planning and monitoring the effectiveness of the Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC). It is also intended to inform intervention by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which is providing significant assistance to the RPNGC through the Enhanced Cooperation Program with the Australian Government.

As part of its monitoring and evaluation role in the PNG Justice Advisory Group, Educo was tasked by AusAID with undertaking the community crime surveys. It provided professional and managerial leadership through Drs. Guthrie and Findlay . Extensive consultation occurred on the survey, especially with the PNG Law & Justice Sector National Coordinating Mechanism, which is comprised of the heads of sector agencies, including the RPNGC.

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