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The Justice Advisory Group Project (JAG)

Location/Client: Papua New Guinea/AusAID
Budget/Time frame:
AUD 11M, 2003-2009


  • Provide independent advice on the law and justice sector
  • Promote sector coordination through M&E
  • Support the building of stakeholder capacity in M&E
  • Evaluate Managing Contractor performance on the Law and Justice Sector Program

Activities: Sectoral monitoring framework; periodic M&E; reviews of police, village courts, restorative justice, infrastructure.

In Papua New Guinea, the government (GoPNG) and AusAID have adopted a sectoral approach to Law and Justice, so as to:

  • improve the performance of the sector as a whole;
  • better assess the impact of funding;
  • target attention on structural, financial, and policy constraints to sectoral performance.

The AUD 11 million JAG project, which has been running since 2003, is comprised of independent technical specialists from Papua New Guinea, Australia, and elsewhere that assist the Government of PNG (GoPNG) and AusAID in their approach to Law and Justice. Supported by a Secretariat in Educo's office in Port Moresby, the JAG's main roles are to:

  • provide independent advice to GoPNG and AusAID on the performance of the law and justice sector;
  • promote sector coordination through a consistent and collaborative approach to performance monitoring;
  • support the building of GoPNG and AusAID capacity to undertake sectoral monitoring;
  • evaluate Managing Contractor performance in the AusAID-funded Law and Justice Sector Program.

Through the JAG, Educo has produced a performance monitoring framework for the law and justice sector, as well as studies and reviews covering fraud & corruption, village courts, community-based corrections, restorative justice, police, sector planning and coordination, facilities and infrastructure management and a sustainability strategy for sector performance monitoring.

On May 9, 2006, in its response to the most recent external review of the JAG, AusAID assessed Educo's management performance on the project at "an average of 100% against all indicators".

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